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Manufacturer: LIBERTY
EC Part Number 38017
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This Battery Backup Pump is a 10 AMP charger/controller and energy efficient 12V DC Pump. The Stormcell™ Battery Backup Pump by Liberty Pumps is one of the most advanced pump systems on the market. This pump will provide you with an emergency backup system so your business is covered in case of power outages or main pump failure. Install a backup pump system at your place of business and feel secure knowing that you have a fail safe plan in case of emergency. Model # 442-10A.

System Includes:
• Backup Pump
• Battery Case
• Activation Switch
• Charger Unit
• Check Valve
• Plumbing and mounting components
• AC Power Supply
• Remote wall-mount user interface with LCD display
• Control Panel/Alarm features a super bright LED alarm ring to notify backup pump is in use. Other notifications include: high water, AC power lost, Blown Fuse/DC pump failure, 12-volt battery charge levels, critically low battery warning, and user set basement temperature warning.

• Max Flow (GPM) @ 12.1 V: 46, with AC Power On: 49
• Flow at 10 (GPM) @ 12.1 V: 30, With AC Power On: 35
• Continuous Run Times*: 5.5 Hours (w/StormCell™ Group 31 Wet Cell Batteries)
• Cycling Run Times*: 8 Days (w/StormCell™ Group 31 Wet Cell Batteries)
• Run Times/Gallons: Unlimited (performance will decline as battery discharges) (AC Power On)
• Max Lift (Feet): @ 12.1 V: 21.5’, With AC Power On: 25’
• User Interface with LCD Display: Yes
• Weight (lbs): 20
• 3 year manufacturer warranty

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EC Part Number: #38017
Mfg No.: 442-10A
Mfg: Liberty Pumps