Manufacturer: LARRY CORBIN
EC Part Number 65784
Our price: Call 800-442-6622
This Urinal Flange Repair Kit a quick and easy kit that repair 2” flanges without having to remove the original flange. This repair kit repairs both plastic and metal flanges, and comes with all the parts needed to repair your broken flange.

Included in kit:
• Adjustable Metal Flange Repair Part
• Neoprene Gasket
• 2” Bolts (2)
• Nuts (2)
• Washers (2)

The adjustable metal flange opens up and slides around the edge of the flange, between the broken flange and the urinal gasket. Close the adjustable metal flange, and install your bolts and your flange is now repaired.

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EC Part Number: #65784
Mfg: Equiparts Approved Vendor

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