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General Wire

General Wire produces some of the industry's best drain cleaners and drain maintenance tools. Our General Wire inventory includes a variety of snakes, clog choppers, the Super-Vee unit to open clogged sinks and drains, the Kinetic Water Ram to break up stoppage, toilet and urinal augers, tubing cutters, and more.
Equiparts carries a large selection of tools ranging from drain cleaning and inspection tools to screwdrivers, security bits and plumbing tools + tool kits/cases for storage. Contact us at 1-800-442-6622 for pricing or if you have any questions.
Equiparts carries a selection of hoses, valves, and fittings. Our inventory includes a variety of fittings, garden hoses and parts, grates, drains and covers, hydrant repair tools and parts, thermostatic mixing valves, vacuum breakers and valves. Call us at 1-800-442-6622 for pricing or to inquire about any hoses, valves and fittings we carry.
Equiparts offers a complete line of chemical products for plumbers and commercial and/or institutional facilities. Our supplies include everything from cleaning solutions like antibacterial soap, hard surface wipes, graffiti removal wipes, hand lotion and foam hand soap to plumbing supplies like plumbers putty, drain openers, sulfuric acid and nonacid graffiti removal wipes, trap seals, pipe joint compounds, sealants, spray welds, lubricants and more. Find the chemicals you need to keep your facility maintained and your plumbing clear on Equiparts.net.