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At Equiparts, we carry parts, fixtures, and tools that are used by many industry professionals like facility managers and plumbers. In our literature section, you can find our complete, as well as other catalogs that are created for some niche industries and facilities. Currently, in addition to our “Big Blue Book,” we have a Fitness Flyer, which is a catalog for fitness facilities like gyms, yoga studios, and other workout locations. We also have a Backflow Prevention Catalog, a Security Flyer, our current Seasonal Promo. Find out which parts are currently on sale at Equiparts by paging through our current seasonal promo. You can browse any of the catalogs online, or fill out our contact form to request a printed copy for future reference. Read on to find out more about what types of parts, fixtures, and tools are listed in each catalog, flyer, or promo. - Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to find out about the new catalogs coming out soon!

Equiparts Catalog

Our “Big Blue” Equiparts Catalog highlights all the of the following product lines: Plumbing, Drinking Fountains, Flush Valve, Closet & Urinal, Hose Valve & Fittings, Heating, Kitchen, Hardware, Washroom, Tools, Partition, Glides & Casters, Fasteners & Anchors, Lockers, Safety, Electrical, and Window & Door.

Security Flyer

Page through our Security Flyer to review the anti-ligature and vandal-resistant repair parts and fixtures we carry. Our inventory includes leading brands such as Acorn, Bradley, Delany, Metcraft, Sloan, Symmons, Willoughby, and others. These security items are ideal in jails, prisons, government facilities, educational facilities, rehabilitation centers, and many other locations. Browse our anti-ligature fixtures and parts such as stainless steel toilets, white powder coated stainless steel sinks, shower heads, faucets, cartridge assemblies, valve bodies, restroom accessories, washfountain valve parts, pump assemblies, pneumatic valve repair kits, metering cartridges, checkstops, valves, flushometer parts, and so much more. Fill out our contact form and request a catalog to be sent to your facility, or you can view our PDF online.

Backflow Prevention

Our Backflow Prevention Catalog contains all of the most popular products used in Backflow Repair. Most of the items listed in this catalog are used by Plumbers, Maintenance Departments, and HVAC Technicians. This catalog not only contains the popular parts needed in backflow prevention, but it also shows you labeled diagrams that may help you in naming the part you need. This catalog contains information about backflow parts from the following companies: Ames, Apollo/Conbraco, Cla-Val, Febco, Flomatic, Hersey, Neptune, Rainbird, Watts, and Wilkins. In addition, we also carry backflow prevention parts for Buckner, Grinnell, Lawler, Mueller, Orion, Rockwell, and Toro. For more information on backflow prevention parts, give us a call, and speak to one of our product specialists at 800-442-6622 Monday-Friday 7:30AM-5:00PM EST.

Fitness Flyer

The Equiparts Fitness Flyer contains the most popular repair parts, fixtures, and tools your fitness facility needs to keep your locker rooms, shower rooms, changing rooms, pool areas, and other locations in full operation 24/7. Fitness Clubs, Yoga Studios, Gymnasiums, Dance Studios, Recreation Centers, Community Centers, Swimming Facilities, Commercial Activity Centers, and the like would all benefit from the parts listed in this flyer. The flyer contains parts and units like sensor activated faucets, manual faucets, faucet repair parts, flushometers, couplings, vacuum breaker repair kits, spud assemblies, urinal spuds and repair kits, closet seats, plungers and their carrying cases, toilets, urinals, partition hardware, and complete partitions. It also has locker room equipment including shower valves and parts, curtain rods, grab bars, towel hooks and strips, and soap dispensers. Other items included in the flyer are grid strainers, P-traps, drinking fountain parts and units, non-marking wrenches, ceiling tile paint, flushometer tools, chemicals, and door hardware. Fill out our contact form and request a hard copy for your fitness facility, or place an order by giving us a call.

Our highly anticipated Seasonal Promos that we create in Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter each year contain a selection of both popular and new items carefully selected by the Equiparts team. These promo items are on a special sale price for the duration of that season. They provide a great opportunity to stock up and save on items you use most frequently. Sign up for our newsletter to be part of the elite group that is the first to receive word of each new promo as it comes out each season.

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