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Sloan Valve Co
Equiparts is a Master Distributor for Sloan Valve. We carry a complete line of Sloan flushometers and Sloan repair parts, as well as Sloan electronic faucets and faucet repair parts.
Faucet aerators help shape the stream of water coming from the spout, prevent splashing, conserve water usage, reduce faucet noise, and increase water pressure. Equiparts offers a selection of aerators and parts - ranging from male aerators, female aerators, dual aerators, aerator adapters, antimicrobial aerators and vandal proof aerators. Find an aerator for your faucet on Equiparts.net.
State-of-the-art electronic faucets are becoming increasingly popular for those looking for modern style and better water conservation or hygiene. For consistent performance and durability, Equiparts offers a range of electronic faucet repair parts. Our repair parts for electronic faucets include solenoids, control modules and boxes, sensor assembly kits, shank gaskets, and more.
If you're in need of repair parts for faucets, Equiparts carries everything including stems, handles, aerators, spouts, solenoids, control modules, sensor assemblies, faucet mounting kits, faucet mixing tees with filters and backchecks, mounting bracket kits and more.