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Elkay Parts and Units

Elkay Filters
<p> Equiparts carries Elkay replacement filters for WATERSENTRY&reg;, EZH20, LF2, and other filter systems. Find the Elkay water fountain filter needed for your drinking fountain, bottle filler, or water cooler unit on Equiparts.net. Use are <a href="http://store.equiparts.net/home.php?cat=410">Elkay Filter Chart</a> as a resource to help you make sure the filter you are buying is applicable to the unit you plan to use it with.</p>
Elkay Parts
<p> Equiparts is a distributor of Elkay water fountain and water cooler repair parts. Browse our selection of bubblers w/ guards, bubbler locknuts, solenoids, cartridges for fountains, fountain elbows, fountain drain, push bar and push button assembly kits, regulators and regulator kits, fountain valves, and more Elkay parts. Find all of the repair parts needed to service your drinking fountains, bottle fillers, and water coolers quickly and easily on Equiparts.net.</p>
Elkay Units
<p> Equiparts is a distributor of Elkay drinking fountains and water coolers for indoor and outdoor use. We have a variety of styles available to accommodate any space. Choose from ADA compliant, compact, wall-mounted, barrier free, bi-or-twin-level, retro-fit, and vandal-resistant units + bottle filling stations.</p>

Elkay is recognized as one of the top manufacturers of drinking water fountains, water coolers, and EZH20 bottle filling stations and chillers in the world. We have quite the selection of indoor and outdoor Elkay water fountain/cooler units available in a variety of styles. We also stock Elkay fountain/cooler repair parts and replacement filters.