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Oasis Parts and Units

Oasis Filters
<p> Equiparts supplies filters for Oasis drinking fountains and water coolers. From EZ-Turn Green Filtration Systems to replacement filter cartridges, and filter kits, Equiparts has what it takes to ensure the purest drinking water from Oasis fountains and coolers.</p>
Oasis Parts
<p> Equiparts supplies repair parts for Oasis drinking fountains and water coolers. Our inventory includes a variety of bubbler styles, bubbler handles, solenoids, assembly kits/parts, straighteners, cartridges, stems, gaskets, switches, and more.</p>
Oasis Units
<p> Equiparts is a supplier of drinking fountains and water coolers manufactured by Oasis International. Our selection includes basic free standing drinking fountains along with wall-or-floor-mounted and bi-level or barrier free units. From manual to sensor activated bottle&nbsp;fillers and chillers to ADA compliant units, Equiparts distributes the best indoor and outdoor Oasis water fountains/coolers on the market.</p>

For over 100 years, Oasis International has manufactured some of the best drinking fountains and water coolers available. Equiparts is pleased to be a distributor of a variety of Oasis drinking fountains and water cooler units. Our selection includes basic wall-mount, floor-mount, freestanding, bi-level, barrier free, and vandal-resistant drinking fountains plus a selection of state-of-the-art manual/sensor-activated bottle fillers and water chillers. We also stock Oasis repair parts and filters. Not only do we carry Oasis drinking fountains, but we also share Oasis spec sheets and Oasis part breakdowns when applicable. We carry Oasis water fountain filters compliant with the units we carry, and all of the repair parts both big and small, popular and hard to find, all at Equiparts.