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Urinal Repair

Outlets and Hangers (Urinals)
Equiparts carries a variety of outlet and hangar urinal repair part solutions. The adjustable plastic and brass threaded urinal flanges we carry are used for many urinal installations and repairs. The urinal flange repair kit is a great alternative solution to urinal flange removal problems that are caused by broken flanges that are difficult to remove. The various lavatory and urinal hangar parts we sell are fitting for a variety of circumstances.
Seals & Gaskets, Urinal Plugs, Spuds & Washers
Equiparts has a selection of urinal repair seals, urinal gaskets, urinal plugs, brass spud assemblies for urinals, spud washers and friction rings for urinals, and wax or wax-free seals for urinals. Our urinal gasket selection includes gaskets made of the following materials: felt, graphite, neoprene, and sponge rubber. Find all of the urinal repair parts you need on Equiparts.net.
Urinal Screens & Strainers
Equiparts offers a selection of scented urinal screens (odor neutralizers, fresh linen + fresh outdoors scents) and varied urinal strainer styles including brass, beehive, retro-fit, and pronged strainers.

Shop Equiparts for all of your urinal repair parts. We carry a variety of urinal seals and gaskets, urinal spuds and washers, urinal plugs, urinal screens/strainers, many urinal drain parts and installation accessories like urinal hangers and urinal flanges. Find the solution for your urinal repair problems quickly and easily on Equiparts by using our high-quality product photos and detailed product descriptions. We carry urinal repair parts that fit urinals by American Standard, Sloan, Caroma, Zurn, and more urinal manufacturers. Many of our urinal repair parts are universal and fit many different styles and models of urinals. If you need help figuring out which urinal repair part you need to fix your urinal, give one of the product experts at Equiparts a call. Our sales team is trained by industry reps from our manufacturers like American Standard and Sloan, so we know the products we sell and can provide you with strong customer service. Call to order: 800-442-6622

Also, know that this is a place to not only get repair parts for your urinal but also a source for urinal fixtures and the repair parts needed to install your urinal replacement parts as well.