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Manufacturer: STEP N WASH INC
EC Part Number 16760
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The Step-N-Wash is a retractable step designed for use in commercial washrooms so children can reach the sink. The step is installed by being bolted directly to the restroom floor using the provided hardware. It should be bolted to the floor directly under the sink, so when the Step-N-Wash is not in use, the step is vertical in line with the sink and does not impede sink use by adults. To use, a parent or child uses their foot to pull the step out into a horizontal position. Then the child can step onto the unit, and reach the sink to wash their hands. The step is self-retracting and will reset itself after the child steps off. The Step-N-Wash provides ease of access for both parents or guardians and children, creating a safer way for children to wash their hands.

The Step-N-Wash is designed to have no-pinch points. Made of Type 304 stainless steel, the step-n-wash can hold up to 800 lbs. Perfect for airports, restaurants, zoos and aquariums, amusement parks, churches, and schools. It prevents a safety hazard by not having water unnecessarily thrown on the floor due to a parent holding their child over the sink.

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EC Part Number: #16760
Mfg: Step N Wash Inc