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Quote Q&A

What are the benefits of getting a quote before ordering the parts or units I need?

There are a few reasons why getting a quote first instead of directly placing an order online is beneficial to our customers:

Better Prices. Sometimes, certain orders are eligible for price reductions. We have seasonal promotions that reduce the cost on many popular products. By submitting a quote, we make sure you get the promo price on applicable items. At Equiparts, we have strong relationships with many of our suppliers. This makes our prices very competitive, and allows us to offer lower price points at certain times. We also discount orders when items are bought in bulk, and when we receive orders from repeat customers.

Customization. Some of the products we carry can be customized. When you receive your quote, we can inform you of the customization options available for the product that interests you. For example, some water fountains and bottle fillers can be customized to match your school's colors, and when you order multiple models, some can even be customized with your company’s logo.

Establishing a Relationship. When you submit a quote request, our team receives it, and one of our specialists is assigned to your account. We’ll select the best specialist for you based on your industry or your requested parts. Then your specialist reviews your request, and contacts you with your quote. S/he will ask you questions to get to know you and your unique situation, and make sure the products you’re ordering are the correct and best ones for you. Your specialist may also inform you about other parts that you may need to properly complete your repair.

Confirm Parts. By requesting a quote before ordering, we will make sure that you have not only the correct parts, but every part necessary for your project as well.

How do I request a quote online?

First, find the product(s) you want on our website by using the Search Bar, or by browsing through our Product Categories.

Then to get a quote for one item of any quantity, input your quantity and click 'Get A Quote'.

To get a quote for for multiple items, find the products you want, input the quantity for each product, and click ‘Add to Cart’. Once you have all of the products selected, view your cart, make sure all information is correct, be sure to update cart, then select ‘Request a Quote’.

What's the difference between ‘Get A Quote’ and ‘Add to Cart’?

The ‘Add to Cart’ option is for customers who would like to receive a quote on two or more different items at the same time. ‘Get A Quote’ will quote only one individual item at a time.

How will I receive my quote?  

Unless you state a preferred contact method in your quote, we will email your quote to you. We will then follow-up with a call to answer any additional questions you might have about the product or your order.

How will I know my quote went through?

Soon after your quote is submitted, you should receive an automated confirmation email stating that we have received your quote.

When can I expect to receive my quote?

We respond to your quotes as quickly as we can. Quotes that are submitted with part numbers are generally responded to within an hour or two (during business hours). At the latest, we will respond within 12 hours during the workweek. Orders placed over the weekend are responded to in the order they are received within the next work week. Other special research items, like quote requesting using the image uploader without part numbers, may take a couple of days to confirm. Please be patient, and we will supply you with a comprehensive quote for the products you need.



Order Q&A

How can I place a direct order?

You can place an order without requesting a quote by calling us at 800-442-6622 Monday-Friday, 8AM-4PM with the part numbers for the item(s) you want to order.

How can I place an order online?

On our website, you can submit a quote for the products you wish to receive. Then we contact you with the quote and complete your order. If you wish to place an order without submitting a quote, please give us a call to place your order and have product numbers ready. To learn the benefits of submitting a quote before placing an order, read the answer to our other FAQ listed above, “What are the benefits of getting a quote before ordering the parts or units you need?”

What if I don’t know which part or unit I need?

If you’re not sure what part or unit you need, don’t worry. Simply provide the information you know about the product, or give us details about your situation by calling us at 800-442-6622. You can also use our photo upload form, and we will figure out exactly which part(s) or unit you need, and then our customer service team will contact you.

Can I order by phone?

Yes. You can place an order with us by calling our toll free number (800-442-6622) with part information in hand during regular business hours. Our customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday from 8AM - 4PM, EST. If the item you order is in stock, it can even be shipped that very same day.

In off hours, you can submit a quote request online.

Do I get a discount for ordering in bulk?

Yes. Larger volume orders may be subject to much better pricing. To find out if your order qualifies for a bulk discount, simply submit a quote, and we will get back to you.

When is the counter open?

8AM-4PM, Monday-Friday.



Shipping Q&A

How long does it take to ship my order?

Ship time depends on whether the product(s) you order are in stock or not. Items in stock at our location ship within 24 hours. Items not currently in stock at our location are subject to factory shipping and availability.

Is the part I need in stock at your location?

Give us a call at 800-442-6622 to find out if the part(s) you are interested in are in stock. If they are, we can ship them within 24 hours.

How are Packages Shipped?

Generally, packages are sent via UPS, or through the least expensive shipping method. Shipping is prepaid and added to the invoice.

Will I receive tracking information for my order?

Our customer service tracks your order, and when you receive it, we give you give a call to make sure you're happy with the products you have received. If you would like to track the order yourself, simply request tracking information.


Don’t see an answer to your question? Give us a call on our toll-free number at 800-442-6622 Monday-Friday, 8AM-4PM.