Zurn Parts
Equiparts carries a wide selection of ZURN flushometer repair parts. Our inventory includes return tubes, supply tubes, actuator assemblies, adapters, coupling assemblies, valve covers, dual flush handles, flush valve diaphragms, gaskets, ADA-compliant handle assemblies, hydraulic plungers, vacuum breakers, flush tubes, EZ flush units, and various retro and repair kits. Call us at 1-800-442-6622 regarding pricing or any of our repair parts for ZURN flushometers.
Zurn Units
Equiparts is a supplier of ZURN flushometer units. Our ZURN flush valves include the 1.6 gallon ZURN Closet (Toilet) Flush Valve with the Aquavantage 1-1/2” Vacuum Breaker and a triple-filter bypass diaphragm valve. Contact us today at 1-800-442-6622 for pricing or with any questions about ZURN Flushometer flush valves.