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Global Partitions
Equiparts carries a complete line of Global toilet partitions, from powder coated steel to stainless steel, and solid plastic to black core phenolic. We also stock Global Partition hardware such as brackets, latches, hinges, pintels, cams, hinge pins and more.
<p align="left"> Equiparts carries a range of repair parts for toilet partitions/restroom stall doors. Our inventory includes brackets, hinges, latches, miscellaneous bolts, pins, and nuts, pilaster parts, strikes and keepers and more. We carry partition doors and parts from the following manufacturers: All American Metal Corp, Bobrick Washroom Repair, General Partitions, Global Partitions, Metpar, and other partition manufacturers.<br /> <br /> Find all of the partition items needed to keep your commercial restroom in proper working order all on Equiparts.net. We also carry all of the other items that go with partition repair, like numerous types of vandal resistant screws, stainless steel panels, and the tools needed to complete the repairs and installations.<br /> <br /> For additional help choosing the partitions needed for your facility and how we can help you solve all of your toilet partition problems, read our <a href="http://blog.equiparts.net/toilet-partition-guide/" target="_blank">Toilet Partition Guide</a>. <br /> <br /> Give us a call to speak to a plumbing repair specialist who can help you choose the right partition parts you need the first time. At Equiparts, we have long-standing relationships with the partition manufacturers we work with. Our sales reps meet with manufacturer ongoingly to stay up to date with new products so we can help you choose the best parts for your situation with expert help. We ship anywhere in the contingent United States. Give us a call toll-free at <a href="tel:800-442-6622">800-442-6622</a> Monday-Friday, 7:30AM-5PM EST.</p>