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<p> Equiparts is a supplier of various parts and accessories for commercial toilets manufactured by Toto, American Standard, Sloan, and other manufacturers. Our inventory includes nut kits, toilet jacks, Big John toilet supports, closet quick rings, bolts, washers, flanges, wedgies, and seal gaskets.</p>
Floor Mount
<p> Equiparts offers a selection of ADA compliant floor-mounted toilets for commercial use. Our selection features high performing and stylish models from brands like Toto and American Standard.</p>
Tank Type
<p> Equiparts has a selection of toilet tank types from manufacturers like Toto and American Standard. Choose from Elongated Closet-Type Tanks with 1.28 GPF Low-Consumption, E-Max Technology, SanaGloss technology, Jet Flushing Action, and Contemporary High-Profile Designs, High-Efficiency Toilets, and ADA compliant models.</p>
Wall Mount
<p> Equiparts is a distributor of American Standard, Toto, and Sloan wall-mounted/wall-hung toilets. Ideal for commercial or institutional facilities.</p>

Equiparts is proud to supply American Standard, Sloan, and Toto commercial toilets. We offer a wide selection of both floor and wall mounted toilets in a variety of tank types. A majority of the toilets we carry satisfy certain ADA requirements. Combine style, performance, and water efficiency with durability and the ability to withstand even the heaviest use.