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Equiparts supplies commercial and institutional facilities with a wide range of cleaning products/solutions. Our inventory includes Eco & Antibacterial Soap, Hand Cleaning/Hard Surface Wipes, Paint & Graffiti Removing Wipes, Foam Hand Soap, Hand Lotions, Uric Acid Eradicators, Coil Cleaners, Solvent Cleaners & Degreasers, Urinal Cleaners, and more.
Drain Openers
Equiparts is a supplier of some of the top drain opener and drain cleaning products on the market today. Our approved vendor list includes TMS, Utility Wonder & Drain-A-Matic products to unclog any drain. Browse our inventory of drain openers and cleaners to choose from cold water drain cleaners, liquid enzyme drain cleaners, sulfuric acid drain openers, and non-acid drain openers in varied sizes.
Equiparts offers a variety of cleaning products for miscellaneous facility maintenance tasks from approved vendors - including the rust and corrosion inhibiting Sewer Cable Snake Oil, Steel Reinforced Putty & Epoxy, odor eliminating Odor Kill, Telescopic Spout Oil to clean motors and pumps, TMS Vandal Mark Remover, and Ceiling Tile Paint.
Sealants, Glue, & Lubricants
Equiparts carries an assortment of sealants, glues, and lubricants for plumbing and mechanical industry-use. We are a distributor of DAP contact adhesives - including their silicone sealants, aerosol latex foam sealants, and Beats-Nails adhesive. We also carry Everseal Pick-Proof Adhesive Sealant, Polyseamseal all-purpose Clear Tub & Tile Caulking, Rapid-Fix Dual Adhesive System, Liquid Wrench Silicone Spray, Dow Corning's 111 Valve Lubricant & Sealant, Gorilla Glue, and more.
Equiparts is a supplier of adhesive tapes for use in a variety of trades and industries. Whether you need Roll-Pipe Wrap Repair Tape for Copper, PVC, CPVC, Galvanized, or ABS pipe, teflon tape to seal pipe threads, general purpose duct tape or electrical tape, Equiparts has a great adhesive for you.

Equiparts offers a complete line of chemical products for plumbers and commercial and/or institutional facilities. Our supplies include everything from cleaning solutions like antibacterial soap, hard surface wipes, graffiti removal wipes, hand lotion and foam hand soap to plumbing supplies like plumbers putty, drain openers, sulfuric acid and nonacid graffiti removal wipes, trap seals, pipe joint compounds, sealants, spray welds, lubricants and more. Find the chemicals you need to keep your facility maintained and your plumbing clear on Equiparts.net.