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Chicago Faucet
Chicago Faucets has been a top manufacturer of commercial faucets and plumbing fixtures for over 100 years. Equiparts has been supplying a complete link of Chicago Faucet products for over 35 years. We are proud to be a Master Distributor of Chicago faucets, repair parts, and accessories. Whether you purchase popular Chicago Faucet units, Chicago Faucet repair parts or Chicago Faucet accessories needed to keep them running at 100%, our expert support team will be happy to provide insights and assist you. We stock cartridge assemblies and repair kits, ceramic cartridges, slow compression stems, short-and-long stem assemblies, push tapered metering handles and more!
Equiparts is a distributor of electronic and manual faucets. We carry faucets from some of the most reputable brands and manufacturers in the industry - Chicago Faucets, Sloan, Zurn, and Moen. Additionally, we stock a variety of Central Brass Faucets, CHG Faucets, T&S Brass Faucets and Delta Faucets - includng commercial kitchen faucets, laundry tray faucets, and pull-down wand touch activated bar sink faucets utilizing Touch2O® Technology. Contact Equiparts today at 1-800-442-6622 for pricing or any inquiries about our inventory of electronic and manual faucets.